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Boarding Charges

Dogs:                                                             1 dog        2 dogs      3 dogs

Bunk A is 6' deep by 3', 4' or 6' wide            $19           $33            $42
Bunk B is 10' deep by 3', 4', or 6' wide         $21           $35            $44
Suite is 16' deep by 3', 4', or 6' wide            $25           $39             $49
The Wilderness Lodge is 18' by 8'                $30           $50             $65



One Cat        $9.00        Each additional Cat in the same family    $6.00


Small caged animals are $5.00 a day. (Birds, rats, rabbits etc.)

or call 989-227-1600

Day Camp Charges

$20.00 a day 

$150.00 for a 10 day pass  ($225 for 2 dogs)

(pass must be used within 6 mos.)

$5.00 with paid boarding (Mon - Fri NO holidays or weekends)


Other Offers We Provide

In-House food (Pedigree) - $1.00 per dog/per day
Beds or Blankets - $3.00 a visit
Groom - Charges are determined by breed and condition of pet
Nail Clipping - $8.00 - $10.00
Day Camp - $5.00 a day while boarding (For regular day-campers)

Cancellation/Deposit Policy

A deposit of 50% may be required for holiday reservations. The deposit
must be mailed by check within 10 days of making the reservation to secure your pets room.  The deposit will be forfeited if cancelled less than 3 days in advance.

Check-Ins, Check-Outs, and Payment

Check - In:
Pets may be brought in during any of our regular business hours.  No
appointment necessary.  

Check - Out:
Pets can be picked up during any of our regular business hours.  No
appointment necessary.

Calculating Charges:
Day of check-in is a full day's charge.  Pets picked up by 11 am are not
charged for that day except on Sundays and Holidays.  After 11 a full day's board will be charged.  Sundays and Holidays are always a full days charge and hours vary.

After Hours:
There is a $25 charge for ALL after-hours services.  This means any drop
offs or pick ups between 11 am and 4 pm Monday thru Saturday or before 4 pm on Sunday.  Also any day after 6 pm will be considered after hours.  All after-hours services are by appointment only.  There will be NO after hours appointments on the day before a holiday, the holiday itself, and the day after a holiday.

Method of Payment:
We only accept cash or check at this time.

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