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Please complete all Vet appts and vaccine requirements a minimum of
10 days prior to your pets stay.  
We will NOT board your pet if it has been to the vet within the last 10 Days (effective 10/1)
Referral Incentive
Recommend a new customer, and once they have completed their stay with us, you'll enjoy a 25% discount on your upcoming stay.
JUNE 1, 2020!

What is Included?

For Dogs: All dogs will get outside 4 - 6 times a day and some dogs may participate in group outings. We will feed up to twice a day food provided by you or for a minimal charge our Pedigree Small Crunchy Bites.  For our guests that need that little extra, we do medications and vitamins for no additional fee. We provide our guests with some one-on-one time during snack breaks and try to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

For Cats: Cats are not taken outside, they get time out in the room to climb around on the cat wall. If they don't play well with others, they will have some alone time on the wall. We provide clay scoop litter and all the other necessities your feline requires. Feel free to bring toys or beds for them as well.

What to Bring With You

Shot Records: We require a current shot record to be on file for all        
boarding pets. It can be brought in at check-in.  

     Dogs: Rabies, Parvo/Distemper, Bordetella, Canine Flu

     Cats:  Rabies, Parvo/Distemper.  Recommend Leukemia

Medications: If your pet will need them during their stay. We administer
medication at no extra charge.

Food: You can bring your pets regular food (in a resealable container) or
we will provide Pedigree Small Crunchy Bites for a small charge.

Toys: You can bring any items you would like your pet to have. Please
remember they are in their own kennels unattended and may get
destructive, do not bring anything irreplaceable. NO RAWHIDE OR ROPE TOYS.

Beds: Again, you can bring beds, blankets or pillows. A lot of small dogs
like to have their crates as a little piece of home.  We also rent blankets and we have a few beds.

NO Bowls: We do not need you to bring in food dishes unless your pet
requires something specific, such as raised dishes or slow feeders.


We don't guarantee the toys and beds safe return. But we will clean it up!

NEW HOLIDAY POLICY >>> Guests that check out prior to the scheduled departure date are subject to a fee of 50% of the remaining reservation.

or call 989-227-1600
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